I threw a stone

I threw a stone
Snatched from the shore
And from that careless thing alone
All re-shaped for ever more.

Centuries of touch and shadow
Became an unfamiliar space
While strangers bedded down together
In an underwater place.

I threw a stone.

By Oscar Sparrow



Frontline ’81

Red London buses
blood corpuscle bustle
past a drinking club
which is a terraced house
with fifty men,
one hundred whites of eyes inside.

Drinkers piss al fresco unperturbed
on pavements trod with butts of blow.
Dead cans of Red Stripe
barber pole along the dismal gutter.
Ragged Bee- Em- Dub-Yews cruise,
boozed bleached whore-cats
pussy sway to reggae beat
subliminal in chest and throat.

On a corner an ambulance.
White cop say
“How d’ it start?”
Black girl say
“Wid slave-ree”

In the alley a trembling bitch
fucks a pack of sperm rage dogs.
A circling runt denied, accepts.
Sirens down the Brixton Road
announce aloud a further haemorrhage.

By Oscar Sparrow

2 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Your poetry has a raw feel to it that makes you sit up and notice. In “I Threw a Stone” idea,

    Centuries of touch and shadow
    Became an unfamiliar space

    is particularly interesting in the light of a stone being thrown and disappearing altogether.

  2. Oscar, we have added the link to your site to our “DAISY CHAIN” at POETIC BLOOMINGS (http://poeticbloomings.com) . You had expressed an interest in being included. We hope you might join us on occasion and add your worded wonder to our group. New prompts are posted every Sunday. Glad to include you.

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