Paperback Writer. Freeze Frame Gets Ink.

017The proof of the pudding is in the reading. Yes, the paperback proof copy of Freeze Frame” arrived on Monday. Of course, there were a few issues but I think we are on top of them and all the corrections have been made.

In order to authenticate the existence of an actual new book in the universe, you will see a photo of editor Sparrow in the act of reading it. You may wonder about the figure peering over the chair. I would like to say that it is the bust of a Faber and Faber poetry editor that I had immortalised in concrete. Come to think of it – why not say that? It is not true but if anyone wants to know the truth please leave a comment. Does it remind you of anyone?

Freeze Frame has now been submitted to Smashwords, may I say, not without a lot of geek-squeak. Poor old Jill at Gallo-Romano has been rooted to the keyboard with formatting issues. As a platform, Smashwords is not for the faint-hearted. Watch this space – it won’t be long.

I have been working today on the road. All I have heard on cab radio is excited media persons talking about David Bowie releasing a new single to mark his 66th birthday. It is being billed as a significant retrospective by a frail old geezer. I must admit to having been very cheered by the whole circus. Here I am, only a little younger and still looking for a start. When you think about it, that’s a good place to be. If you’ve missed the bowie-wow in the window today,(Obvious reference to death of Patti Page) here is a link.


6 thoughts on “Paperback Writer. Freeze Frame Gets Ink.

  1. Hey Oscar-was in need of cheering up just then so thank you J , of course could have stayed in the doldrums and written another poem L but am glad of the cheer. As for the figure peering over your shoulder and into the camera-he hasn’t escaped from the attic?? And called Dorian?? You however look very ensconced in your chair as you read the lovely anthology

    Well Mr Poet Lorry Park what a monumental task you saw through with much grace and kindness, thankyou x

    Just love the David Bowie-heard it this am and such a reflective piece of work-am looking forward to the album.

    Chat soon

    Candy x

  2. It looks good Oscar! Great to see you leafing through the tactile with your wicked clone reading over your shoulder. As to the Dame…Hmmm…it’s good that he is making music we can hear again, not sure about the song. Sounds like an outtake from Absolute Beginners. Or am I being too harsh? I like Absolute Beginners the song, but found the film, which I recently watched again with the children rather awful but not in a good way. And it has overshadowed Patti Page, who i remember as a regular on Children’s Favourites back int he days of the wireless.

  3. Congratulations Oscar! The book looks great and I had better get my copy ordered (birthday coming up so it’s sorted!) Hmm, as to the bust in your photo. I might sound totally daft, but it reminded me of a comic impression of Barack Obama… ; )

  4. Well, its not Barack. In fact it was a GCSE art project done by one of the kids a while back when I had black hair. The mandate was to find someone with a lived in face. The art teacher commented that it looked as if it had been lived in by squatters. The model of course was me. Most poets have to wait for centuries after death to get a bust. It is something of a treasure and scares off religious missionaries and gentlemen who would like to tarmac my drive.

  5. Ah, Oscar, now we know everything, so it’s you, your alter artistic ego (grin – laughing out loud!) Does look a little harsh and worn…I prefer your real self! And the book looks great, quite large, actually. I don’t know why I expected it to be pocket size. Wrong! It’s much better this way…Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    And like Candy, I’d like to thank you for a fab work – well done, and Jill too. I can easily imagine how she’s suffered (I’ve gone through that torture for my 6 books – though so far I’ve only used KDP, haven’t dared yet to approach Smashwords…)

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