Young Love Remembered

A quick shuffle to the front of the cave reveals nothing but fallen leaves, utility bills and a message from Her Majesty’s Government telling me that I can vote for my local crime supremo to control the police.  No one is standing for office on the anti robo-cop speed gun warrior agenda . All the candidates are political party apparatchiks so I think I’ll give that a miss.

We are nearly ready to line up for final approach on the “Freeze Frame” anthology project. I just have one last audio track to perfect and then it will be all action. Beginning next week this blog will feature interviews with all of the poets.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you a little video poem by my dear friend Emma Calin, the Romance novelist. When I first knew her she was a poet with a strong sensual passionate style. She has made a transition into commercial writing but retains much of her old poetic instinct. She had always said she would not write a poem again. However, during the writing of her work in progress novel, she wanted to recapture the sentiments of young love through the eyes of a woman looking back. 

One of the things I have learned from compiling the poems for “Freeze Frame” is that poetry truly is a medium unique to each writer. Each of the featured poets have entirely their own style and position. Emma’s poem featured above hits a spot that I had not realised I still had! To be honest, as a greying old fellow with a penchant for talking about Auden, Don Paterson and Wordsworth, I thought it might be unsuitable viewing. I could not help but enjoy it; so enjoy it I did.


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