Eurobert Humperdinck

Eurobert Humperdinck

Just as the junk mailers start to tempt me into sheltered accommodation for the elderly and doctors line up to plot my graph into decline, an ageist thunderclap splits the certainty of the Universe. Englebert Humperdinck is to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision song contest at the age of 75 years.

As I listened to the radio this morning I heard Rick Santorum speaking in Ohio about how the Founding Fathers had saved Americans from the colonial monarchy. This is very true. What he did not say was that they also saved America from the Eurovision song contest. If I were one of his speech writers I would definitely have stressed this important constitutional point. For those kind Americans who read my blog, let me explain that winning the contest in recent years has little to do with quality of the music. Some 43 loosely Euro countries vie for the prize and voting is political  between blocs and cliques. If I were a professor of politics or a Westminster advisor I would make this show compulsory viewing. Wars and alliances can be predicted since the votes reveal a candour unknown elsewhere in diplomacy.  All the same some mega stars have emerged from the schmaltz fest into glittering careers. Both Abba and Celine Dion have ploughed this furrow.

The whole horrific cultural smorgasbord is a great festival in the Sparrow cave. The more corrupt and absurd the better. In 2009 it was reported that 6 Azeri (Citizens of Azerbaijan) had been arrested by the police for voting for the hated Armenians. Play to win – that’s the way to do it! Here is one of my favourite ever entries. Oh yes – this year the contest will be held in Azerbaijan.

Yesterday, in my arty poet’s vest, dark suit, trainers and scarf I went to an exhibition of Art at the Pallant Gallery in the beautiful cathedral city of Chichester. The artist was Robin Ironside (described as a Neo-Romantic Visionary) who often painted with a one haired brush with the aid of a magnifying glass. His work is so detailed that you have to study it intensely. Seemingly he never slept and stayed alive on a cocktail of drugs. His work is staggering and this was the first time I had seen any of it.  The exhibition runs until 22nd April.


5 thoughts on “Eurobert Humperdinck

  1. Ha! That gypsy Superman guy belongs in musical theater…very lively and funny, too!! I didn’t know Englebert was still singing. 75? Good on ‘im!!

    I’d love to see an Ironside in person. Stunning artist! How wonderful that you have access to all these wonderful works!

  2. Great blog Oscar. As an Englishman I gave up watching the song contest around the time we had Sandy Shaw as our rep (without shoes!). Having caught the odd glimpse since the sarcastic descriptions are quite amusing but then you still have to put up with the songs!
    Painting is brilliant

  3. Really enjoy your blog, Oscar and share in…your distaste for a certain kind of music (I’ve never watched the Eurovision contest!!) and your taste for painting (I’m a painter too and love that romantic figurative dimension in Ironside’s paintings) Alas, figurative art has no place, or indeed a very small one in contemporary art…One reason I gave up painting and decided to put all my energies in writing.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your next cultural discoveries!

  4. I heard this via BBC podcast – Good old Engelbert – although your photo of him is a bit startling. Was also looking up Ironside after BBC Forum’s programme – who’d believe those two searches would lead me here?

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