Oh – Glorious Moon With All Thy Shoon

Oh – Glorious moon / with all thy shoon.  Well – we all dread poetry do we not? The opening line is from a remembered radio sketch by a British comedian called Tony Hancock. He played the part of a pretentious poet who held forth with his rhymes in any kind of social situation whether wanted or not. Hancock’s parody reveals a solemn truth about our inner selves. We hate to be embarrassed. All that inner “tosh” is for dreamers and arty types. It sure ain’t for bottom line corporate thrusters or geezers wot just gets on with life. Nah – all that stuff is for them softies wot can’t get a hard on( a stiffie) or sits about  weepin’ at the paradox of beauty set in savagery. If ya ask me they’re all a load of poofs and wierdos. Me – I’d make ’em all sweep the streets or just lock ’em up. Nah mate – I can’t be doin’ with any of that fairy shit .I’m a regular kinda guy…..

Perhaps my own parody is a little cruel. I bet there’s a few of you out there who will recognise a hint of this attitude. There are a couple of UK newspapers that rejoice in this kind of approach.

This weekend both myself and Emma Calin have got our books free for two days on Amazon Kindle as part of the grand KDP Select experiment.  The only reason for this is that we both work via Gallo-Romano media who do our formatting and techie stuff. All the platform building and net mending is too much for me. How on earth folk do it all on their own I just do not know. Now, here are the stats: Emma is grabbing 90% of the downloads. This means that free poetry with free MP3 audio is grabbing 10%. Well – this is 5 times more than the general market share for poetry. But am I grateful? Nah!

Oh please gentle citizens – check out my FREE poetry. All poetry products are delivered in plain wrappers by our discreet deaf mute robots  No one will ever know…..

Amazon USA

Amazon UK


3 thoughts on “Oh – Glorious Moon With All Thy Shoon

  1. Haaaa! You are a PISTOL, naughty Oscar!! This blog (glob) will go over like gangbusters; it’s blood hilarious! Emma is a girl, silly man! Of COURSE she’s gonna sell more books. Shave your legs, let ’em peek out from a slit skirt, take a pic…and I’ll guaran-damn-tee you’ll have sales. my friend!

  2. That accent appears to be a little texan country there `y Meester Sparrowww , I thank y kindly for that there free e~ book , lol Your bloge is cool , have yuurself a hot doggity nite there pal !
    I’ll catch ya later , the newest vershun of hee~ haw is a comin’ on lol
    Check ya on the flippity flop ,
    Sincerly and all that there good stuff ,

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