Let joy be unconfined. The festive fisticuffs are upon us. This morning I got up early (for a poet) and charged the broccoli barricades. When my trolley became bogged down by enemy stilettos, I dodged a rag bag grab of  storm troopers and made an infantry lunge for the organic carrots. A few hours later I staggered back to the parking lot with the highest retail award pinned to my chest. Yes – I am now a Walmartryr. After all – the shops are closed for a whole day! That’s 24 hours of retail blackout, like when the astronauts re-enter the atmosphere and you have to wait for that crackling voice to break through  that held breath of human/comrade/brother hope. So why do I care about those guys when I would gouge and maim Mother Theresa for that last pack of ground almonds? If I truly knew this I would know where mankind should go. It is this duality that makes us so difficult. As I grappled for the grapes and stood tall at the stuffing, aware of the futility and stupidity of it all, I pondered the future of Iraq, Libya and Syria. While I paused for a moment of philosophy an anonymous hand darted for one of the few remaining bags of plain flour and I had to perform a blocking tackle…..

Oh – I wish I were good. I wish I were as good as words are good. I wish Pete Seeger’s words could sing me Peace and the last flower power fashion shirt on the rail. You see for me – a flower child of the innocence that only plenty can bestow, I believed we could hit the Nirvana nerve and that if I drove the soft top shiny car, the girl would kiss me. As we head for 2012, I hope our leaders will address not simply the hearts and minds of mankind, but their double reflections and regrets reformed into justification, revenge and victory. No simple task. Poets advance! Recently an American writer threw me the image of Joan of Arc/Baez. More than ever we need the image to clarify the prose. Only the poetic image can unite us. Poetry unlocks  the Pandorable box.

Check out this link to a poem by Simon Armitage It’s about the central duality. I’ll fight a dual with anyone who wants to argue.


One thought on “Walmartyr

  1. Hear, hear!! “Poets advance!” And you shall lead the charge! I’ve managed to avoid Wally World most of this season, but had to pop in yesterday. – only there was no popping. Silly me. All I experienced was elbows and ***holes and permanently scuffed boots. Return to the scene? I’d rather stick a needle in my eye. Wonderful blog, Oscar! No argument here on the Armitage poem. x Me & me

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